Health Technology Assessment

When do we need an HTA?

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Most of the health services require the support of health technologies such as diagnostic imaging, drugs, biological agents, medical devices, treatment by internal medicine or surgery (e.g. coronary angiography or cholecystectomy) and supported systems (e.g. computerized medical records systems, electronic healthcare systems, blood banks or clinical laboratories). From a simple wooden tongue depressor to a complicated organ transplant, anything used in healthcare service is considered as a health technology. HTA can be applied in a wide range, however, most countries use it in the introducing new technology such as new drug into the reimbursement system of health insurance. For both developed and developing countries, a common dilemma on providing healthcare is the reasonable allocation of healthcare resources under a limited budget. Regardless of the decision-making strategy, the core belief of healthcare policymakers is to make decisions that are most beneficial to the health and well-being of the public. In other words, the policymakers have to ensure that every cent spent can generate the greatest health benefit, and the provided healthcare must at least be effective.

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