Health Technology Assessment
The MOHW, after carefully studying the functions and duties of various HTA agencies worldwide and taking into account of many practical issues, opened the Preparatory Office for the “National Institute for Health Technology Assessment, Taiwan (NIHTA)” on January 16, 2013 in order to gradually integrate the HTA services on health policies, healthcare services and the allocation of health resources. The CDE is commissioned to operate the Preparatory Office. Under the leadership of Dr. Hsu Yuan-Nian, the CDE Chairman, and Dr. Gau Churn-Shiouh, the CDE Executive Director, a blueprint for the NIHTA was made and submitted to the MOHW in April 2014 and is currently under discussion in the MOHW. Hopefully, the NIHTA, an innovative HTA agency, will come into operation in the very near future.NIHTA's website has been launched ( This is the first HTA platform in Taiwan, always welcome your visit and all comments.